360º Service

A comprehensive service that takes care of everything

We are more than just a distributor, we take care of the entire supply chain, from product development to personalized distribution to your facilities. Our 360° service enables us to manage all stages of the chain and guarantee greater flexibility, with smooth and close communications, better financial conditions, tight manufacturing times, and the peace of mind of knowing your project is in good hands.

We are direct distributors

We understand and adapt to your needs. We offer different types of distribution by container or by air and guarantee the materials reception at the best point of your production. We ensure you won't have anything to worry about at any stage. And we do this with strict quality and flexible controls per product, material or final destination. A professional, close and trusted supply chain service.

Innovating to keep up with new processes

At Arges, our R&D team designs the parts and prototypes in line with your needs and considering the latest generation processes developed in industry. To do this, we create the samples that your project needs. Furthermore, to improve the integration process, 3D prototypes are designed to verify the optimization and fit of the part. In short, we adapt to you and make things easy right from the start.

In-house manufacturing

Our distribution headquarters are in Barcelona (Spain) but we have different subsidiaries within the group. Our main factory is located in Vietnam, and we have several trusted European partners to provide a more agile service.

We create your personalized packaging

We make sure your product leaves the factory in the best conditions. That’s why Arges packs each part individually and personalizes shipping in line with your needs. This enables you to speed up reception, streamline storage, and optimize the time spent by your employees.

Comprehensive and flexible service

We take care of the entire distribution and logistics process, from the moment the material leaves the factory until we deliver it to your facility. Our team has more than 15 years of experience shipping between Europe and Asia, so deliveries are made in an agile manner via different distribution channels, full containers/shipping consignments, air, and land. The different distribution channels allow for flexible deliveries, optimizing according to the needs of each moment.