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At Arges we like to think that,more than just producing the industrial parts you need, we can also be the partner that helps you optimize any type of supply chain, production and distribution process. That is why we have specialized in aluminum, steel, stainless steel and plastic solutions for over 15 years. We not only adapt to meet your needs, but also manage the distribution process, with major competitive advantages for your business.
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What do we do?

100% custom manufacturing. We are direct manufacturers, and have our own facilities where we conduct the developments, processes and treatments: from casting to machining, with high-quality molds and finishes. As well as manufacturing and supplying all types of aluminum, steel and plastic parts, we have the capacity to offer other manufacturing processes using other types of raw materials, such as wood or glass fiber.
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How do we do it?

We take care of everything with a 360° service. Arges is your trusted partner to delegate part of your production or supply chain, because we offer a turnkey service. And what do we take care of? From the manufacture and 3D design of parts to product-specific quality control, logistics and distribution of your material, with the experience of having developed more than a thousand references from different materials. So that you can optimize your products and manufacturing processes.
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Why do we do it?

To help you profit from the entire supply chain process. By offering you a direct manufacturer's price and the advantages of an international distributor, optimizing the management of material supplies from Asia. We help you save costs throughout the supply chain. In other words, an exclusive service that guarantees you a competitive advantage.
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Your new process starts here. If you are looking for a company that is both a manufacturer and a distributor, don't hesitate to contact us. Whatever may be your sector: food, plastic industry, automotive, decoration, metal structures, furniture, etc. Tell us what you are looking for and we will advise you on all our options.

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